Wonderful Day
I hope you have time for this story... I'm 87 years old, moving into a retirement home, my wits still about me. Each of my four children have power of attorney over me and rarely agree on anything. I got to choose my realtor and I got the best! Michael always lists suites in our building achieving a new price benchmark every time. I asked if he would lower his fee, Michael replied a flat, No. "Others said they would do it for less" I replied. "I'm not like other realtors", he responded. He was right, and knew it! I love that kind of confidence in a man, it's sexy. He knew the building, knows the neighbourhood, attended the schools and helped his father found the Rose Park Drive Street Party which is still a popular Moore Park favourite. 

Michael showed us the latest prices in the neighbourhood, the street then the building and priced us at a neighbourhood high. "Michael, you know there is a cemetery behind the building, I look over it every day." He smiled and said its the largest arboretum of rare trees in Ontario, final resting place of some of the most famous people in Canadian history and guarantees a permanent unobstructed view. My children did not like the fact he recommended staging but it was my decision and we signed the contract. 

When offer day arrived I had already moved into Briton House, sitting down stairs in the coffee shop Michael began negotiations. He prefers Ginsing-Lemon tea, no milk, a dash of sweetner. His cell phone was ringing endlessly, he was examining contracts narrowing each of the offers down to two luxury brokerages. Negotiations were fierce, both offers were in the price range where I was satisfied, but Michael kept going. There can only be one. Michael looked up and asked how I was holding up... "I will take care of the trade Mrs. Finlayson, however you are my client, you are my first concern." He said. 

When the dust had settled from negotiations there was one agent whos' client offered more.  Eleven percent more over the asking price for my suite. They were very excited to acquire a such a large south facing suite over the Mount Pleasant cemetery. I won't tell you Michaels' negotiation strategies however his are exceptional. My children were happy. I think that was a first. Everyone won. Thank you Michael, what a wonderful day. 


A. Finlayson

Dream Home
"Your strategy, professionalism and negotiation skills are truly one of a kind." Hisham, Chase and I want to personally thank you for all your help on the purchase of our new home. In a market where multiple offers are the norm, your swift thinking and skillfulness secured us the house we wanted. We have a DREAM HOME! We could't be happier - You truly listened for what we wanted and we love the location. Hisham comes home and takes Chase to the park across the street every day. 

Alexandra Boikovitis

"Michael, you pleased my wife so much I can not say thank you enough. With the going price per foot of other realtors selling the area at between $400 to $500 per square foot for a three bedroom condo in midtown Toronto. You marketed and sold our one bedroom home at the highest price, $700 per square foot. The highest benchmark in the building, the street and neighbourhood! "Thank you", your market knowledge is untouchable! You stuck to your guns on your fee when others were happy to lower their own and I now know why... you are the Standard of Excellence.

Hisham Kombargi

In multiple offer madness you worked tirelessly to acquire our dream home our friends are envious of. Yes we paid a little more but its value has already increased $75,000 in six months. Although we did not use you to list our home, we should have. We learned a lesson about the differences in realtors and real estate brokerages. You deserve your reputation!”

Laine Rother, Scott Weinstein

We would like to tell you just how much we appreciate everything you have done for us, but there are no words expressive enough to do justice to our feelings. The effort you extend goes far beyond the “call of duty,” and we wonder just where you get all your energy. You were wonderful to work with, and we thank you so much for the work on your behalf.

Kevin & Marina Tolan

Being a first time buyer, we needed someone we could trust and were referred to Michael Terry. He really listened to our needs and wish list. Close to a good school for our two daughters, access to TTC, descent size, a low maintenance fee just to start. Michael asked in-depth questions we had not considered in our search before. My partner really liked the fact of how positive he kept us. Within two weeks Mike found us the condo we were looking for. He assisted us in getting great financing. We were so excited we wanted to move in fast - Michael even negotiated a 30 day possession date. Michael you are the best, absolutely.

Mia & Mylene Lagria

Relocating from out of town, we hired Michael as our agent to buy a townhouse in Toronto. He is very knowledgeable about the Toronto housing market regarding what is available and what the prices are doing. He found a townhouse we really liked and our offer was successful thanks to his guidance. More Importantly, Michael renegotiated our offer lower after the inspection. No Realtor ever did that for us before. Michael delivers on his value, from start to finish.

Michael & Lydia Graham

Our objective was to liquefy our investment asset, a legal non-conforming semi-detached rooming house property in St. Clair West village. We could have gone with the top listing agent in the area but I wanted someone who would concentrate on it directly and not pass it off to an assistant as we saw other top agents do so often. I chose Michael because of his knowledge. Information is all over the web today but there is little knowledge on the internet. The contracts were complicated as we had eight tenants to deal with at all times. When Michael started on our listing project he made recommendations to increase the value and marketability which lead to a speedy sale of the property at an exceptional value to us. The new owner received vacant possession through Michaels' skillful negotiations. Everyone was happy. Thank you Michael, you know your stuff. I tried recommending your service to a neighbour who went with the area top producer. As it turned out he had a terrible experience with them. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. Wish you all the best. If you are reading this, Michael is unique as your realtor. You'll do very well.  

Max Pinto

Looking to lease out our current bungalow, we wanted to upsize. Michael found what we were looking for in our price range and expertly handled the offer. After the home inspection some details arose so he renegotiated the offer, saving us several thousand dollars more. Michaels recommendations proved worth it. You can do no wrong choosing Michael Terry, to be your Realtor too.

L. Mar

It was obvious that we needed a real estate agent with an expertise in selling homes in this special housing area. We also wanted someone who knew how to truly value homes. More importantly our home. We wanted to be with a truly experienced brokerage. We called around. We like what Michael had to say and signed a listing agreement. When Michael presented us a reasonable offer my husband wrote VOID on every page... I lost it! because we did not have a printer in the house and Michael did not have another copy of the original. With a blank face Michael looked at me and said "That's a first". He went back to his office and brought back the offer. Shy of the threat of divorce my husband signed. Michael I don't know how you put up with so much crap from people but thank for being there. Both my husband and I agree that you were the agent most able to live up to our expectations and it resulted in a quick sale of our home at ask.

M. Mar